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Problems with NTPD

Hi All, 

I'm trying to set up an NTP server but am having a bit of problem as I 
do not seem to be able to get it to run as I daemon that I can point
other workstations at.

If any one can spot what I am doing wrong i'd love to know :)

below is my ntp.conf and error logs, hopefully someone will be able to 

/etc/rc.conf contains:


/etc/ntp.conf contains:

# File /etc/ntp.conf
# Localhost foo.bar.com
logfile /var/log/ntpd.log
server tick.uh.edu
server time.nist.gov
server tick.usno.navy.mil
driftfile /etc/ntp.drift

/var/log/ntpd.log contains: 

 6 Jan 15:24:57 ntpd[2615]: ntpd exiting on signal 15
 6 Jan 15:26:29 ntpd[20212]: Un-parsable frequency in /etc/ntp.drift

/etc/rc.local contains:

# run ntpdate prior to ntpd
if [ $securelevel -le 1 -a X"${ntpdate_flags}" != X"NO" \
    -a -x /usr/local/sbin/ntpdate ]; then
        echo -n ' ntpdate'
        /usr/local/sbin/ntpdate -b ${ntpdate_flags} >/dev/null

if [ X"${ntpd}" == X"YES" -a -x /usr/local/sbin/ntpd \
    -a -e /etc/ntp.conf ]; then
       echo -n ' ntpd';       /usr/local/sbin/ntpd -p /var/run/ntpd.pid

Many thanks


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