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Re: NAT 3.2 set up problems

>There is a line in /usr/src/sys/conf/GENERIC that enables gateway function
>that by defalt is commented out.  Would enabling this and recompiling the
>kernal help??
- well at this point i am VERY frustrated! :-( i have spent my weekend trying
to get NAT going and still no luck, i have tried anything and everything i
can think of. ( yes, Telent, i have re-booted many times, just to be sure.) 

I guess this ( recompiling ) may be the next option, i am very suprised however,
this is a fresh 'clean' install, boot floppy -> ftp download, only basic 
packages (no X). My previous experience has been with 2.8, which i was very
happy with everything set up with no hassles.  Thanks again to all those
who responded.