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Re: Soekris vpn1201 performance

On Sun, 2003-01-05 at 02:00, Theo de Raadt wrote:
> We believe this is due to the cpu overhead of driving the crypto card.
> The little cpu on the soekris box cannot keep up.  We've been using
> hifn's on machines where the cpu can keep up.

No, only the crypto card is from Soekris.  The server is a Celeron
1Ghz.  Sorry, I followed up with my dmesg just before receiving your
reply.  The cpu should not cause any forseeable slowdown.  Plenty of
cpu, ram, and no visible load (test lab with no other traffic).


> > I recently acquired a Soekris vpn1201 for our firewall/vpn.  Previous
> > tests on this box show thoroughput of 93Mbps unencrypted (testing with
> > iperf) on the fxp* interfaces.  Those same pre-Soekris tests also show
> > encrypted (3DES) traffic dipped to around 6Mbps.
> > 
> > After researching the Soekris product, it appeared that others have
> > experienced a minimum of 60Mbps 3DES with their 1201's. 
> > Disappointingly, I'm only seeing around 22Mbps with the Soekris
> > installed.  Is there a possibility I'm screwing something up here?  I'm
> > only doing a simple host-to-host tunnel with PSK.  I know that I can get
> > better performance with Blowfish, but that's not the point... I'd like
> > to know why I'm not getting the expected thoroughput.  Any ideas?
> > 
> > TIA,
> > J.
Jason Dixon