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Re: 3.2 NAT set up problems

On Saturday, Jan 4, 2003, at 05:47 US/Pacific, cmustard wrote:

I have just set up NAT on a 3.2 box. There are some changes to setting up
NAT this release which i thought i understood but apparently did not.
I am also running dhcp to the internal network. The dhcpd server seems to
be working fine because everybody is recieving an ip and can ping all
boxes on the internal network. The problem is no one can ping anything
outside the internal network.

Here are some details:
/etc/hostname.* configured
/etc/sysctl.conf -> net.inet.ip.forwarding = 1
/etc/rc.conf -> pf=YES
/etc/pf.conf -> nat on vr1 from to any -> ->
pass in all, pass out all
# vr1 is external nic connected to hub which is connected to the outside.

I'm used to a /etc/nat.conf and a /etc/mygate, neither of which is in this
release. I would appreciate any insight anyone could provide.

You're right about nat.conf since it's all in pf.conf now but I believe /etc/mygate is still required.


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