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Re: SPAM generator...

On Mon,  Dec 30, 2002  at 09:59:54PM -0600, Mario  Henley Becerril
Geldis wrote:

> I need probe my bayesian filter, somebody known a spam generator
> tool..??

You can find an excellent one here:


Sorry, just couldn't resist....

Seriously,  you might  want  to get  yourself  a throw-away  email
account (Hotmail is  perfect for this) and post a  few messages to
USENET and the deluge will start. There are almost certainly spam-
scrapers that hit this list and  its archives, so you should start
getting some shortly on your normal account, too.

What this has to do with  OpenBSD I haven't the foggiest idea, but
Merry Christmas anyway.



Ben Goren

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