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realistic throughput on openbsd router

planning to implement openbsd 3.2 as an ethernet router in an ISP enviroment 
(dsl type connections) and was wondering if anyone could point me to any 
information or has first hand knowledge of the type of throughput one can 

here are hardware specs
athlon 1 gigahertz proc
9 gig scsi drive
adaptec scsi card
4 3com 3c905 nics
512 meg ram

client connections would be 10 megabit each and would be coming into cisco 
catalyst 2900xl switches (1 switch per ethernet segement, 3 segments) with 1 
segment on the openbsd box in our core network (100 megabit) 

wont be doing any packet filtering, just straight routing between the ethernet 
interfaces, but do plan on doing some qos with altqd later on.  this is to be 
a entry level solution until we can cost justify getting a layer 3 switch (ie 
cisco catalyst, etc).  

can i expect to get throughput near 10mbit to the clients from our core 
network (i know i can from the switch to the client - tested with ftp, scp, 
http, etc)

Chad Whitten
Network/Systems Administrator
Nexband Communications