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Re: VPN hardware

On Sunday, Dec 29, 2002, at 21:21 US/Pacific, Geoff Sweet wrote:

Well without saying which direction the slow file transfer is I can only
offer you this: you might want to look at your cable connection, and how
large of files you are opening. Almost all Cable modem connections at
up-link capped. Mine for instance is up-capped at 256Kbps, and only 6
months ago was 128! Consequently with the additional overhead of VPN I
don't know that opening anything over about 100K in size would be very

I would look into this issue first. According to my tests between a Pentium 133 and an Athlon 1533 Dallas' hardware endpoints may not be the problem. His details are considerably lacking, though.

As far as encryption algorithm goes blowfish was twice as fast as 3DES here.


On Fri, 2002-12-27 at 09:55, Dallas Jordan wrote:
We are in the process of setting up a VPN from our office to a remote
office. We are using OpenBSD 3.1 on both ends. We have the connection
working and we can browse both networks but opening files is EXTREMELY slow.
We have a 512K connection on this end and on the other end, is a Cable
connection, so I would think it should be faster than it is. My question,
is what kind of hardware are people using for this type of VPN with OpenBSD?
We are currently using a couple of older Pentium machines. I was thinking
maybe these machines are too slow to handle the overhead that goes with the
VPN, like encryption and decryption. Any suggestions would be greatly
appreciated. Thanks.

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