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OpenBSD 3.2 installed over the 8GB limitation.


I'm having a hard time booting up OpenBSD 3.2. I think the
installation has been successful; I've seen the "successfully
completed" message after the installation, and I can mount wd0a or
wd0d after it boots by floppy. However, it won't boot. After browsing
the site, the problem seems to be that the partition, while it's
primary, starts well beyond the 8GB limitation. But, I don't want to
repartition my disk to install OpenBSD.

So, I'm asking if there is any workaround. I'm using GRUB as my boot
manager, which is installed from Debian. This was my first try:

  title OpenBSD 3.2
        root (hd0,1)
        chainloader +1

This gave me "bad magic" error. I think that's due to the 8GB
limitation of the BIOS, so I gave it up. But, I don't understand why
the following failed:

  title OpenBSD 3.2
        root (hd0,1,a)
        kernel /bsd

I tried with and without "--type=openbsd" option. Both failed,
emitting the "/boot is too old" error. That is, in my understanding,
the GRUB correctly located and loaded the image, and then as soon as
the kernel starts, it results in the kernel panic. I don't know what
that error message means. I searched for the message in Google, and
found some postings, but no one seemed to get the right answer. Anyone
can explain why this is the case? Is there anyone who is running
OpenBSD that is installed over the 8GB limitation?

Thank you.