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Re: web services - http, mail

Quoting Generic Player (suck_(_at_)_my-balls_(_dot_)_com):
> > Sendmail would work with cyrus which is pretty scalable.You can also
> > use courier and Maildir but sendmail does not support courier.
> Why do so many people say stupid things like this?  You can use 
> courier-pop and courier-imap with sendmail just fine, wtf would 
> sendmail care?  Last I heard, sendmail was a MTA.

Yes.  And maildir is not an issue.

Sendmail is an MTA.  It was originally called "deliver mail"
but it was pointed out that it didn't actually deliver the
mail, thus the rename to sendmail (early lore).  It routes.

To deliver the actual mail it calls a Local Delivery Agent
(LDA).  mail.local is commonly used.  It writes the Version 7
mailboxes that you call mbox.

mboxes typically aren't very fast to work with when they get
large.  But UW-IMAP uses them.  If it listens ONLY on port, you can mitigate some of the security concerns since
it won't be reachable from the outside.

Two other options that come to mind are to use Courier, a
fairly new IMAP server which uses the "maildir" format for
messages.  Deliver the mail from sendmail using "procmail"
which speaks maildir.

Or use Cyrus, a pretty high performance IMAP server that's
well established.  Also listening perhaps only on
for security concerns as above.

I've worked with a Cyrus derivative with over 250,000 users on a
server.  It scales.