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popa3d, norton antivirus and windows mail clients

Hi misc,

I have this problem form a long time ago. I have a coupe of mail server, they have the same problem, I'm using a different versions of OpenBSD on them, one is 2.9, the other one is 3.0, and the last one is 3.1. I'm using popa3d for the pop3 server and PostFix as a smtp server.
There is some problems collecting mails, it's happened from time to time, during the mail transfer the windows client (outlook express, outlook, eudora) error message is "server not responding". on the daemon log file the error message is: "popa3d[15483]: Premature disconnect". In this case I just disable Norton email scanning, this helps sometimes. But sometimes I've got the same errors.
All the mail clients are on the same network as the mail server.

Is there somebody who has the same problem as me? Is there a fix for that?
I search the google, and the mailing list, but nobody was reporting that.


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