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Re: Windows Emulation

On Fri, Dec 20, 2002 at 08:29:10AM -0500, Dave Feustel wrote:

> Framemaker  is practically  the *only*  Windows program  I still
> have  any  interest in  running. Adobe  doesn't  offer any  Unix
> version as far as I know.

That's  curious, considering  Framemaker  started life  as a  Unix
program. It was already the preferred  GUI page layout program for
Unix when it became one of  the stars of the brand-new NeXT. Being
able to  write your own  PostScript, drop it into  Framemaker, and
see it perfectly rendered was mind-blowing....

I've long since lost track of  Framemaker, so I have no clue about
what Adobe's been doing with it. I would think you could still get
it for  Solaris and Irix, and  would be surprised if  you couldn't
get it for Mac OS X. But that's all pure speculation, of course.

While all of those are Unices, none, obviously, is OpenBSD. If you
want Framemaker on OpenBSD, you're insane, but the VMware approach
is probably  the best  one. It wouldn't  hurt to  try Wine,  but I
really wouldn't expect it to work.



Ben Goren

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