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donations and such

For all the yammering and noise that was on the list after we asked
for some financial assistance to keep Art and other developers hacking
fulltime.... one would swear that noone anymore wishes to support us.

But no: We sold a whole bunch of CDs and shirts, and received a whole
bunch of donations.  Just a rough guess is that this puts us about 2-3
months forward.  That is where we wanted to be.

So it is worth asking.  Even if it gives a storm for the noisy people,
who I'm have become convinced sure don't help us at all (I looked up
some names in our order database).  But we've learned to ignore them,
haven't we.

There will be no "business" like changes here.  Nothing changes.  We
keep developing, and we hope that our community keeps supporting us
when we ask for support.

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