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Re: help making cdrom32.fs


I've just created on bootable cd for the 3.2 OpenBSD release but with Nero Burning Rom

I've put all the files in a directory and choose boot CD creation in nero.
Of course, I've chose the file cdrom32.fs as the file to emulate the boot sector.
And then choose the floppy 2.88 emulation for the boot CD.

The first time it didn't work because I've choosed the 1.44 emulation option

Buy the way I hope it could help you a little but i don't know about Roxio EZ CD creator.
Maybe have you done everything like i've done with Nero ?


Well..since it seems that I might get support for my NIC
if I use the cdrom32.fs ...can anyone point me to some assistance
in creating this?

My burner is on a HeXP machine and I use Roxio EZ CD creator.
I have found a way to make a bootable CDROM....but it askes for
emulation type and I dont know which mode to choose:

floppy 1.44
floppy 2.88
hard disk

I have tried all of them and nothing seems to work. It burns fine, but wont
boot off of it.

Has anyone done this with roxio that could point me towards what I need to do?

thanks in advance!

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