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Re: i386 only cd sales.

On Tue, 2002-12-17 at 19:54, Alex de Joode wrote:
> Theo & Friends need to determine if OpenBSD is a hobby or a business.

Uh, no.  You need to go off and mind your own fucking business.  Theo is
welcome to do WHATEVER he wishes with this operating system.  It's HIS.

> If OpenBSD is a hobby they should get daytime jobs, and continue their
> behaviour on the mailinglist, refuse any input from the users etc. It's
> their hobby so why should they care ?

First, I don't recall them refusing input from users.  They refuse BAD
input from users.  They care because ridiculous threads like this one
(that won't DIE) waste their time that could be better served coding.

> If OpenBSD is a business they should treath is like one, take Wasabi
> as an example, sell services, do special projects etc. Big problem
> in the latter case will be 'developers attitude', if someone pays you
> for jumping through hoops, you better jump through hoops if you want
> the bills getting paid.

Again, Theo can do whatever he wishes.  If it IS a business, he has no
responsibility to anyone but himself... this is NOT a CORPORATION.  He
has no shareholders to answer to.  Last time I checked, you were not
paying for support, either.

> If they can't choose, well organisations relying on OpenBSD for security
> better start investing in other systems ..

OpenBSD is FREE.  Theo is FREE.  You have the choice to use his software
or not.  Who are you to predict the procurement behaviors of corporate
entities?  Do you have ANY idea how well-regarded his code is in this