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Re: 3.2 installation problem

At 11:09 AM 12/17/2002 -0700, you wrote:
>On Tue, Dec 17, 2002 at 05:36:23PM +0000, gogol pushkin wrote:
>Partial dmesges sent to the list are useless. Please send the list
>your entire dmesg.
	Agreed, though I expect a DMA problem as well.

>You'll also need a respectable amount  of RAM for this computer in
>order to  install and run 3.2. Expect  makedev (at the end  of the
>install) to take *forever*, as will ssh-keygen at the first boot.
	Depends on what you mean by respectable.  32MB is more than enough for an
install.  There is also the "swapon" trick illustrated in the FAQ

>Assuming  you're planning  on  using  this as  an  appliance on  a
>protected network, you might want  to consider an older version of
>OpenBSD  that doesn't  use quite  so many  resources. That, or  be
>prepared to pare down 3.2--something  that would require a modicum
>of skill.
	And running an older version runs the risk of someone telling them that
the version is too old and unsupported. <grin>  Not to mention old SSH

I've got a AST 486/66DX2 (32MB RAM) running 3.2-stable, with nothing turned
off that will become my small network at home's firewall (replacing some
hardware that's far too much for the app).
I'll probably turn off sendmail running as a daemon, and that's about it.
With a couple of decent NICs, I daresay that most network firewall/NAT
needs could be taken care of using a box that small.
Ironically, this was the first FW I had in place, but yanked it under the
notion that it wasn't up to the task.  I was wrong.

Don't expect to have great SCP or SSH startup speeds, but it'll handle
quite a bit for a router.  Chances are you'll max your Internet uplink out
before the box overloads.

Signing off, 

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