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highpoint 366 and openbsd 3.2

I'm using a pc i got from my father as a server with openbsd 3.2.
The problem is i had some crashes and all of them when i was moving (or
copying) data to on the harddisks in the system. Their are two one
maxtor and one ibm both udma 5. Because their is a onboard hpt366
controller i thought to use this one but after 2 or three crashes with
the following error 

wd0(pciide1:0:): timeout
type: ata
c_bcount: 65536
C_skip: 0
pciide1:0:0: bus-master DMA error missing interrupt, status=0x21

After the last crash it wouldn't boot anymore so i put the disks to the
"normal" ide controller and now they seem to work but they are a lot
I got two questions:
1 Am i right to blaim those onboard hpt366 controllers ?
2 In my client pc (running suse 8.0) i use a promisse tx controller is
that a good controller to run with openbsd 3.2 ??

Patrick Barendregt <pbarendregt_(_at_)_amersfoort_(_dot_)_xs4all_(_dot_)_nl>