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Re: 3.2 installation problem

On Tue, Dec 17, 2002 at 05:36:23PM +0000, gogol pushkin wrote:

> I'm trying to install 3.2 on an  old 486DX2 66.  I boot from the
> floppy, the system starts and  detects devices, however it seems
> to have a  problem writing to the harddisk.  The  hard disk is a
> Western Digital, the controller is VLB Promise DC-420.  Here are
> the messges that I get:

Partial dmesges sent to the list are useless. Please send the list
your entire dmesg.

Having said that, the two things  I'd first check for are that the
disk is actually  okay (you could get messages like  that from bad
hardware) and  that you've  tried disabling  DMA (which  can cause
problems for old devices).

You'll also need a respectable amount  of RAM for this computer in
order to  install and run 3.2. Expect  makedev (at the end  of the
install) to take *forever*, as will ssh-keygen at the first boot.

Assuming  you're planning  on  using  this as  an  appliance on  a
protected network, you might want  to consider an older version of
OpenBSD  that doesn't  use quite  so many  resources. That, or  be
prepared to pare down 3.2--something  that would require a modicum
of skill.



Ben Goren

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