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Re: CD sales.


	While I greatly admire your efforts on OpenBSD, I do take issue with
"non-profit organizations as a corporate scam against society".  Groups like
the Salvation Army and my _church_ have a non profit status because they do
exactly that.  They provide a service to the community without turning a
profit.  The non-profit status serves to encourage donations.  In fact, in
the United States, it is built into the tax code so these orgainizations can
survive.  As an individual, I think you can only claim 10% as a deduction.
Nice to know that my tithe isn't taxed (I would give it anyway.)

	I also think your assumption that you are taking away from roads etc is
faulty, because the impact on overal tax revenues is negligable.  People give
to charitable / noble causes other than OpenBSD.  You might be taking away
from those other causes, but not from the tax coffers.

	At several companies where I have worked hunt for non-profits at the end of
the year to pay into for a tax break.  This donation is seen as an operating
expense, because it is a win for the company.  One company I worked for
donated just because they could, and enjoyed giving.

	Yes, there are non-profit organizations that should not be.  Some charities
are nothing but scams.  I do think that it is improper, however, to label all
as such.

Ted Goodridge