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Re: i386 only cd sales.

On Mon, Dec 16, 2002 at 10:37:45PM -0000, a top-quoter wrote:
> Maybe that's not a bad idea, kinda.
> Why not just delay the upload onto ftp.openbsd.org for a period after
> the CDs start shipping, I'd suggest 1-4 weeks, but FTP logs could
> give accurate guidance.

- nobody can create snapshots available during this period
- you would have to deny access to cvs or someone would simply
  update via cvs and this would avoid "legal" users of getting their

this is not a good idea...

> Then people who care enough to pay for the CDs get the release a little
> before those who don't, but everyone still gets it, eventually, if
> they want it.
> That approach would also kill this thread and let Theo get on with
> his day.

killing this thread would be nice, i guess we all got the point, right ?


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