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Re: CD sales.

Been doing my small part by picking up the CD's since I started using OBSD
at 2.9
Haven't bought 3.2 yet though, will do after XMas, as a late gift to myself.
An OpenBSD mousepad would kick ass as well :)


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Sent: den 16 december 2002 09:26
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Subject: CD sales.


As some of you may know, some people working on the development of
OpenBSD are funded by our current 2-year DARPA grant.

While the money that we get from CD and t-shirt sales used to fund
Theo and the infrastructure he provides, at the moment that money is
funding various other areas of the project, including a few
part-time employees and one full-time employee - me.

There has been a slowdown.  And many many more of you are doing FTP
downloads only. We know that the economy isn't in great shape and that
companies don't have money and we hope to survive this, but it would
still be nice if you maybe thought about buying that CD or t-shirt. Or
if you have a company that installs OpenBSD on lots of machines buy a
few extra CDs to support the project.

The CDs and t-shirts will make great christmas gifts. :)