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Re: Hardware vendor recommendation

jaymo_(_at_)_hiwaay_(_dot_)_net wrote:
I'm considering buying a server from the folks at Aberdeen; www.aberdeeninc.com

Does anyone here have any experience with these guys, or other recommendations?

Jay Moore

I've never bought a server from them, but I purchased a motherboard and cpu and found them to be an excellent vendor. They're a bit expensive if you ask me, but maybe not that much for server components.

Checkout Newegg.com and Directron.com, they're very good when it comes to motherboards, cpus, etc...

As far as servers.. most people, in my experience, buy built boxes. There are things however that you should consider:

IBM have an excellent way for linking servers together. You cannect one to another and connect keyboard, mouse, vga to last one. Then you just hit a button on the box you want to work with and woala, you're on it. It would even work if you have up to two dead servers in the link. Some, like compaqs, I think, have remote admin stuff where bios and boot can be done entirely over serial port. Many have SCSI onboard and good cooling. However building you own can save you money and run that cool athlon 2600 with DDR, so it all depends.