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Where is the XF86_Mach64 server?

I've installed a few times now and have checked different installations just
to be sure it is not an error I've caused by doing an improper installation.

I have two ATI video cards, they both use the same Mach64 X server. They are
in different boxes. I can't find the XF86_Mach64 server anywhere on the
system! I've scoured the ports tree in hopes that it somehow ended up in
there, but I guess seeing as how nobody else has asked this, maybe I should
for over $50 for a new video card that is supported? The docs point to
xfree86.org on openbsd FAQ (I realize OpenBSD wants to "wash hands" of X
problems) but xfree86.org claims that the Mach64 server is the one to use-
problem: it's just not there!

1) Why?
2) Where did it go?
3) Where can I get it?
4) How do I make it work as nicely as the integrated X servers do? (ie: how do
i install it correctly? is there a package I'm not finding?)
5) Am I trying to use "too old" a video card, is this question making people
mad? should I just give up and get a supported card?
6) I am not on this list, due to a whole bunch of spam. Please include me in
your replies, else it will be a day or so between replies as I wait for them
to show up on various list archives on the web.

[ I've scoured google and the list archives for information on this, the most
recent reference I've found that's relevant is from 1999, and is regarding
usage. Since a lot has changed since 1999, and I can't even _get_ to usage
questions due to the missing Mach64 server, I figure this must be some new
change, and nobody has noticed it yet? am I wrong? If so, I apologize. ]


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