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Re: which package ?

On Sun, Dec 15, 2002 at 08:19:50AM +0100, korhoen_(_at_)_xs4all_(_dot_)_nl wrote:

> I guess to know how it works you have to see all of the code


> so it's a bit
> strange to tell it's ugly etc..
> and btw if it's incomplete why is it working on openbsd 2.9 for over a
> year on 3.0 for 7 months and it stopped working on 3.2 oh and it works on
> redhat 7.3 for about 4 months now.....

The code snippet you posted was incomplete, which is an ugly report.

> I now it could be php did something and it changeg the way to handle
> variables but i use on the redhat machine a newer version of php so i find
> it a bit odd why i have to change my code on the openbsd 3.2 machine..

Because OpenBSD is secure by default?

If you didn't want to get my message, you could have looked in the archives.

> btw i use nfs on this machine and i use linux as a client guess what the
> openbsd machine stopped responding and on reboot it gave error
> (hard reset nomore responding) something about some irq parameters he
> couldn't find anymore..............

And so ...


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