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Re: which package ?

> > That is _so horribly ugly and incomplete_.  How do you expect anyone to
> > even guess at what the problem you're having is?  But I will guess that
> > the problem you're having has already been explained to you in this
> > thread.  You'll have to use $HTTP_GET_VARS["pr_linkt"] (or
> > $_REQUEST["pr_linkt"]) in overzicht.php.
> >
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> > <jakemsr_(_at_)_jakemsr_(_dot_)_com>
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> >
> I guess to know how it works you have to see all of the code so it's a bit
> strange to tell it's ugly etc..
> and btw if it's incomplete why is it working on openbsd 2.9 for over a
> year on 3.0 for 7 months and it stopped working on 3.2 oh and it works on
> redhat 7.3 for about 4 months now.....

"Incomplete" here refers to your problem report, not necessarily to your
PHP code.  (Though "ugly" may be fair evaluation.)  You need to provide a 
lot more detail before anybody is going to bother helping you.

> btw i use nfs on this machine and i use linux as a client guess what the
> openbsd machine stopped responding and on reboot it gave error
> (hard reset nomore responding) something about some irq parameters he
> couldn't find anymore..............

Incomplete again..............

David S.