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Re: FireWire Status

On Saturday 14 December 2002 07:13 am, Marc Balmer wrote:
> Hi
> I notice the appearance of FireWire drivers in -current and by curiosity
> I turned them on.  My D-Link DFW-500 controller is recognized as are my
> LaCie Disks and CD-Burner.
> Before I begin to trash my disks:  What is the current status of
> FireWire?
> - Marc

Experimental.  I'm making a kernel right now, and will see if my ThinkPad
is recognized.   When something new comes into OpenBSD I wouldn't 
exactly trust it with important data, but playing with it is important, else
it won't mature into production quality code.  Ah, my compile is done--
I'm going to go and try it now...

--STeve Andre'