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Re: exemple of isakmpd.conf (for DHCP)


On Tue, Dec 10, 2002 at 04:50:36PM +0200, alex_(_dot_)_berdan_(_at_)_mail_(_dot_)_tranet_(_dot_)_ro wrote:
> Tks, so in this case where can I find exactly the features that isakmpd
> has (except man isakmpd.conf). For example, if I'm puting IKE config in
> SSH Sentinel and try the _IKECFG-ID_ with preshared keys it's not working.

afaik that _should_ be working, only the functionality is a
bit limited. You had the right incantations in isakmpd.conf?

> Do you have a working example with auto configuration for the remote
> peer(IP adress and DNS, WINS) ?

There's an example of doing a very similar thing in the man page,
but it uses keys. Why do you want to stick with pre-shared secrets?