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Re: What is OpenBSD ?


i've seen many posts that have in total irrelevance included some
referance to the community that i live in and have had my value system
shaped by ver the cource of my 50 odd years of trudging arround this
scintered bit of rock.

given that it falls in teh middle of this, the, latest in the ongoing
and pointless de raadt vs reed terrorist campaign .. i'll use this
vehicle as it seems as good as any other thats beem used in teh past to
to highlight the wholesale value, well at the least as a whipping boy
(post) come boggie man scare tactic, that we in teh disabled, aka
retarded, community have developed over the years.

On Fri, Dec 13, 2002 at 08:57:29PM +0000, Luis Bruno wrote:
> Darren Reed wrote:
> > Can someone tell me, "what is" OpenBSD ?
> > 
> > Does whatever it is cease being "OpenBSD" the minute I put any
> > 3rd party software on it that isn't a port ?
> s/OpenBSD/supported/
> Can someone tell me, "what is" supported ?
> Does whatever it is cease being "supported" the minute I put any
> 3rd party software on it that isn't a port ?
> Luis Bruno
> PS: Darren Reed, you really like to argue about small, stupid things.
> Remember, arguing on the Internet is like competing in the special
> olympics. Even if you win, you're still retarded.

i am a disabled person (so i am also a retard) and i hope you remember this
post when you grow up and have children. and then you can thank your god
that they were not born like me or any of the others whom you dismiss
as as so worthless, as retards. 

my parents did the best that they could for me ... one of the things
that they taught me was that all people have the gift of life no matter
how badly damaged thier bodies or minds might be. we all have the
responcibility to do the best that we can, and, to help one another as
best as we can.

i am happy that my mother and father and my grandmother have died,
bceacue were they still alive they would have read this post and would
not be able to hide the great shame that they would be feeling right
now, on my behalf.

for me words like retard and spacial children and disabled and spastice
and freak are just words, i have no relationship with feelings because
i have not much of a personality ... but i used to see how these words
affected my parants and this who used to look after me when i was a
child, while i cannot relate to the 'feelings' i can understand the
emotional state because i can read and i have a technical understanding
of what is going on inside thier minds and bodies.

if you "children" want to continue this stupid game about whose sandlot
this is, or whose laywer has teh bigest wallet and or ferarri and or
penis then carry on but kindly leave us retards out of your stupidity.

there is one thing that i have noticed during my life, that being that
us retards do not spend anywere near as much time compareing our selves
to you who claim such superiority as you so called able-bodied do to
us, i have often wondered why this is the case

for the inteligent (i,e. those looking for a fight) the above question
was rhetorical. 

take care and remember you could have been me but for a few genes or an
"accident" of birth.

retarded and proud

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