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two connections from one IP

Hello guys,

  Is  it possible to open and use two simultaneous vpn connections from the
same behind_NAT network (real IP is the same) to the same server?
  We are using isakmpd as a server and SSH Sentinel as clients. Some of our
employees have DSL or cable routers (modem+switch+NAT+firewall) at home and
they  want  to  open  more then one simultaneous independent vpn connection
from their home network to our office network. Is it possible at all?
  I've   made  different  certificates  for  every  computer,  but  second
connection  from  the same network just kills the first probably because of
the same "real" IP.
  Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you.

  P.S.  I  already  asked this question on openbsd-ipsec-clients_(_at_)_allard_(_dot_)_nu,
but got only one answer, and it was "No". :(
Best regards,
 Boris                          mailto:boris_(_at_)_twopoint_(_dot_)_com