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Re: Still Need help setting up an Intel Etherexpress Pro

On Tue, Dec 10, 2002 at 03:15:28PM -0500, Nick Holland wrote:

> Once again, you are confusing  an Intel Etherexpress Pro/100 and
> an ISA Intel Etherexpress Pro/10.
> One is  an fxp(4), a  PCI card, and  works great.  The  other is
> ex  (uh...would be  in  section  4, 'cept  it  isn't!) or  ie(4)
> (depending on the card...it varies,  and I never figured out the
> naming or labeling), and is an ISA card.  Not worth the trouble.
> It was an  annoying card when Intel supported  it on mass-market
> OSs.  It is junk, it was junk.  It isn't worth the problems.

I'll second  that. I've got  a 486  sitting in  a closet  that's a
perfectly working machine, except  I couldn't get the Etherexpress
Pro/10 to work with OpenBSD. I used that as an excuse to get a $50
throwaway computer with PCI slots and a couple D-Link 10/100 cards
(still not  great cards, but far  more than adequate for  my small
home network).

Use the eepro/10s in a modern art installation.



Ben Goren

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