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Re: Speeding up SCP for high speed LAN use?

John D. wrote:
Is there a way to turn off the encryption in scp? Why you ask?
I use scp to move files around my local area network, and the encryption
seems to be limiting me to 32Mbps. I want the convenience of scp (I don't
want to have to run ftp servers on each of these), I just want it faster.
Security isn't a problem here, as it's just between me and my machines.
Ideally, there should be a "-c none" command line option I would

"Link is up 1 thousand million bits per second full duplex"


If I recall correctly, it's public key cryptography that's very expensive. Blowfish and AES and Twofish (etc..) aren't that expensive, nothing that a modern cpu can't handle. If you are transferring that much data, you might actually be IO bound rather than your cpu strangling to encrypt. Surely it will be slower than no encryption, but not that much slower... I just tried it and got a 28 meg file transmitted in 4 seconds on a 100Mbps network with the blowfish cipher. That's roughly 54Mbps. And that's with a transmitter box being somewhat loaded.

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