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Re: dhclient issue

"'Frederic Harster'" <fensys_(_at_)_evc_(_dot_)_net> wrote:
> Two days ago I suddenly lost connectivity with my cable ISP. My nat/fw 
> box running Open (3.2 -current, build date : Nov 16 19:15 CET) could 
> not get any new lease from the DHCP server.
> So I checked some logs to try and find the reason for such a 
> behaviour... unsuccesfully. Then I noticed this err message during the 
> reboot :
<log & reset deleted to conserve brain cells>

"Michael Calvi" <mdcalvi_(_at_)_cox-internet_(_dot_)_com> replied:
> I have had the same problem with Cox-Internet's cable service.
> I have been scouring the archives and goggling but have not found
> anything yet.
> -Mike

You should try running "tcpdump -vens 1500 -i <interface>" and see what
you get when you run dhclient.  According to a comment inside
the only reason dhclient might reject a lease is if the other
end refuses to respond to arp.  Based on that and on your log report,
I would pay especial attention to arps.

That's something else you can try -- "arp -a -n" after
dhclient fails -- is there anything in your arp cache?

I wonder if your cable ISP has any customer representatives
who know what arp is.

				-Marcus Watts

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