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waaay OT-Re: OT Cheap PC distro's

Francis Cianfrocca wrote:
> I'm of the opinion that most people only need email and web, but I know
> a lot of people disagree and would say that some word processing and
> video apps matter too. (Jon Quiros mentions on-line games which is

i think you misunderstood.  you had taken it to be about "broadband or
not" in our emails.  and why the consumer market may or not cash in on
it.  as far as i knew (and that's why i added "OT" to the subject line)
i was NOT talking about closed boxes or obsd on closed boxes.  or games
on obsd boxes.


Francis Cianfrocca wrote:
> You know Jon, I guess my real question is, who is right? Of course
> people like us are spoiled by high speed, 24/7  connections. But, does
> everybody else not have them because:
> 1) They don't know what they're missing? or,
> 2) They know what they're missing and it's not worth $40/month?
> A lot of us take it on faith that pervasive broadband is coming to
> consumer markets but i really wonder about it. everyone already has
> all the stolen MP3 files they need. Is pirated video really a killer
> app? Is there something else we haven't thought of yet?

online things for kids.  really cool educational multiplayer kids games.
 that'll get them spending?!

I'd say much of it is yes, they haven't had that "shit, that's fast"
experience, but also that when we speak of percentages (and i'm not
going to look it up now to validate this) it seems to me like most
people in the u.s. that get online are males that don't depend on it as
much for things other than entertainment and email.  we who live in the
big cities tend to take many people's lesser connected lifestyles for granted...
$40.00/month can be a lot of money for a family to devote to something
that they can already do well for $10/month.

so to answer your question, i'd say it's #1 for a large part, but not
only (I used to lug a desktop to a school's campus sometimes, to take
advantage of the higher speed connection for downloading stuff).

But downloading a 1Mb file off of my favorite BBS was worth it to me,
over a 1200 baud modem.  then again there weren't really other options
then.  hmm, though, if i had the option of paying $300.00/month of
higher speed, pervasive access, though I wouldnt've taken it.