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Re: cannot find manpage for 3c509 driver - how to specify "fullduplex " as mediaoption in hostname.if for this NIC ?

On Fri, 6 Dec 2002 00:14:12 -0800
Chuck Yerkes <chuck+obsd_(_at_)_2003_(_dot_)_snew_(_dot_)_com> wrote:

> Okay, I just checked on the BSD box here.
> I'm trying to "get" why full duplex on a 10baseT card
> would be worth more than 20 minutes of time.  Jogging
> down the about any computer store (or online) gets me
> 100baseTX with full duplex for not much money.

It's not, the box is just a toy 486 firewall & mailserver on 512Kbit
ADSL, and the cards were giveaways. Running full-duplex would make no
noticeable difference, it's just... well... it's there, it should work
but it doesn't.

Linux may drive the 3c509b in full-duplex, there are recent patches for


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