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Re: Questions about keeping system up to date

On Fri, Dec 06, 2002 at 11:48:10AM -0600, Tom Woody wrote:

> Looking back  in retrospect I think  I may have been  keeping my
> systems up to date in the wrong way.  I have looked over the web
> pages at openbsd.org and they all  seem to refer to patching for
> individual things,  which I  do after the  install/update unless
> there is a  large number of patches, at which  case I follow the
> below steps.  Tell me if/where I have been going wrong.

There's more  than one  way to  do it. You  can apply  patches and
rebuild just  that part, or  you can rebuild the  whole system. My
favorite is to follow release (8).



Ben Goren

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