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Newbie: Keyboard --> USB


I installed openBSD 3.2 with wrong keyboard Setting. During installation
i could choose between (P) and (U). With (U) i can use ^A, Tab and so on

But my installed System got the same problem like the installation
System (with Option P): ^A is not excecuted correctly: Cursor is not
moving to beginning of line - ^A is written as Textoutput.

Also other Keystrokes like Tab and so on are not working right. How can
I fix that problem?

BTW: my english grammer is`nt best (dont hit me ,-), but i didnt found
an german mailinglist for openBSD. Is there an unofficial one?

Michael Hilscher       

Would Mozart have been more productive if he had scribes to help him, a
secretary and a CEO to lead his way? -- Linus Torvalds

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