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Re: Strange Request.

Quoting L. V. Lammert (lvl_(_at_)_omnitec_(_dot_)_net):
> At 11:10 AM 12/5/02, Rick Pettit wrote:
> > > That isn't the issue - the fact that the vast majority of PHBs *paying the
> > > bill* have no capability to understand the distinction.
> >The solution is simple:  let these idiots go straight to hell!
> Huh??? Who can afford to ignore the people paying the bills?? Guess you 
> have some sort of tenure??

hey, I provided you with media and services and you haven't
paid me.  I'd filed a mechanics's lien.  Please pay your
bills immediately.

Oh, and if you have no salesman, you ARE the salesman.

(my idiot (ex-)landlord's lawyer chided him when he said "I am not
really a landlord"   The lawyer said: "When you take money for housing,
you ARE; and you have to know the laws and obey them"  (that was HIS

So you are the salesman, and the accountant, and the project manager.
Accept it and deal.

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