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Re: Problems with chrooted apache/PHP/horde...

Dude, if you are making all of /usr available
in the "JAIL" then you might as well skip the chroot
part altogether.  start httpd with the "-u"

Quoting David J. Weller-Fahy (largely_(_at_)_innocent_(_dot_)_com):
> * Jason Dixon <jasondixon_(_at_)_myrealbox_(_dot_)_com> [2002-12-04 10:42]:
> > On Wed, 2002-12-04 at 14:26, David J. Weller-Fahy wrote:
> > *points and laughs*
> >
> > Search the archives for mount_union and/or mount_null.  I've been using
> > mount_union for mine, although I imagine mount_null would be a better
> > solution.  IIRC, mount_null has received a recent (yesterday?) patch to
> > -current that might have fixed it.
> <grin> Well, after an afternoon of ducking the ever-pointing finger,
> I've gotten quite a bit further into the install than previously.  In
> fact, I've got everything working except (drumroll please...) IMP!
> I've done the following:
> mount_union -o ro,nodev /usr /var/www/usr
> That worked to get all the libraries working in the chroot jail.
> Then the only problem was setting the mysql socket so that it could be
> accessed by php/apache, so I set socket=/var/www/tmp/mysql.sock in
> /etc/my.cnf.
> All this worked, except now I get a segfault in apache child processes
> whenever I attempt to access the INBOX or Mail section.  Horde works
> fine.  I located a patch from the PHP developers for 4.2.3, applied it,
> built php-core, force deinstalled the old one, reinstalled the new one,
> and no joy.
> Well, if anyone has any suggestions beyond this, I'll take 'em, but
> right now I'm going to bed.
> Regards
> dave

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