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Re: Problems with (ws)mice, KVM switches.

I have the LinkSys 2-port KVM Switch, model #PS2KVM2, and it has worked for
me, mouse, keyboard, video, the whole kit-and-kabootle, from early releases
of OpenBSD.

The two machines currently hanging off it are Redhat 8.0 and OpenBSD 3.2,
and there have been 0 problems.  Granted, when the other box was Windows
2000 Pro vs. Linux I did have problems depending upon boot order of the boxes
(never found out what the hell that was all about).

But, again, I have this setup working fine for me now.  Very stable, _never_
any problems.


P.S.  Not sure if this matters, but my pointing device is a wireless trackball
      whose base has a USB connector which I convert to PS2 before plugging
      into the KVM.  The KVM then plugs into PS2 on both machines (for pointing

P.S.S. One more thing, the PS2 connector which goes from KVM to OpenBSD 3.2
       box actually plugs into a Y-connector on laptop.  That is, I have a 
       single PS2 cable which plugs into the laptop and branches off into 2
       PS2 female connectors, so that I can plug _both_ mouse and keyboard into
       one PS2 port using this Y-connector to muliplex the signal (somehow).
       I don't see why this should matter, but figured I would mention it.

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