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Re: Strange Request.

Craig Hammond <Craig_(_at_)_sbisolutions_(_dot_)_com_(_dot_)_au> wrote:
> >I suppose this sounds strange, but is there any chance of getting the
> >"Free, Functional, Secure" off the CD cover.
> >Maybe make it "Functional, Secure".
> >
> >Before I get flamed, let me explain.
> >
> >My way of supporting OBSD is whenever I setup an OBSD server for
> >a client, I buy the official OBSD CD and pass on that charge to the
> >client, with a mark up or course  :). Most customers want to see
> >an original CD if they have paid money for it.
> >
> >The bit that causes me a bit of grief is the:
> >"Free, Functional, Secure" on the spine of the CD. (i can't see it
> >anywhere else on the cd)
> >Quite often, they see the FREE bit and ask why I charged them for
> >the CD if it's free. I try to explain that it means "free to do with as
> >you wish, not no-cost", but I don't think I am believed sometimes
> >and they think I am ripping them off.
> >
> >I tried just adding the cost of the CD into the total price of the job,
> >but if I say the software is free (cost wise), typical of some people
> >not exposed to open source in general, they think if it's no-cost,
> >it's crap.
> >
> >It's easier to convince a client that this fantasic, super secure
> >product
> >called OpenBSD costs a few hundred dollars than it is to say that it's
> >free.
> >
> >I know this is an extremely minor problem, and except for maybe
> >a few flames, it can't hurt to ask.
> >
> >Craig...

Francis Cianfrocca <francis_(_at_)_tempest_(_dot_)_com> replied:
> CC: misc_(_at_)_openbsd_(_dot_)_org
> Subject: Re: Strange Request.
> All of us are believers in open-source in general and o-bsd in 
> particular (or else we wouldn't be here, right?) In a way, we're all 
> fighting a "good fight" on behalf of some really important ideas:
> 1) the best software comes out of communities like ours where everyone 
> *freely* contributes;
> 2) the most *secure* software comes from *free* examination by as many 
> good eyes as possible.
> 3) *freedom* matters a very very great deal, but it's not automatic- we 
> all have to fight for it.
> I've had no trouble getting my clients (all large enterprises) to 
> recognize this stuff. When they recognize the benefits of o-bsd for the 
> applications for which we recommend it, they don't have any trouble 
> paying us to help integrate it. They get something more secure and 
> ultimately less expensive anyway!
> Keep "Free Functional Secure." Be an evangelist for our community! You 
> can convince your clients to be happy that they are supporting something 
> really important ;-)
> -f

Cost of the CD.  $43 (or whatever).
Cost of *YOUR* expertise and time to install the CD:  $hundreds.
Cost of the software.  Priceless.

Consider asking your clients to donate to obsd on their own behalf.

					-Marcus Watts

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