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Re: Ultrasparc 3

Quoting Emory (emory+dated+1038845171_(_dot_)_43f2fd_(_at_)_hellyeah_(_dot_)_com):
> > I would say the majority of your user base is NOT going to be
> > running on this hardware. This is personal.
> I would say that even fewer people will run on this hardware
> if it isn't possible.
> > When you can document the hard evidence that there is increased
> > value for Scott McNeally's stockholders in providing you documentation
> > on this line of hardware for your niche operating system, I'm sure
> > it'll happen.
> That is up for Sun to decide.  As a Sun stock holder, I would say
> that anything that sells them ANYTHING at this point is a good
> thing.  So, as they are ditching intel with Solaris 9 and making
> it only for sparc architecture, they should do anything possible
> to sell hardware if it runs Solaris.

Okay, I was gonna say something about Solaris 9 on Intel here.
Something about that Sun has NOT made plans to cancel it, to not
offer it, etc.  That's it's important to them and, more, they've
committed to support it for certain large customers (customers who
wanted a Solaris development environment on cheaper PCs or threatened
to move to Windows for servers).

I'm not sure what other reason you'd WANT it on Intel, the main
reason to run Solaris is to use it on large MultiCPU Suns.
And I still have hopes that FreeBSD and Linux might actually
get strong on that hardware - the 12CPU machines.

That said, I'll just use this to show you wrong

> The argument being that people cannot migrate to Solaris if
> they don't have a machine they want to run it on.  And, Solaris
> is a download on Sun's website.

> It costs Sun less money to sell a system for an OpenBSD user
> than a Solaris user.  No media kit needed, no support needed
> for Solaris, just hardware money.

No, it doesn't.  1) they charge for a media kit, but really:
Getting a customer on a multi-platform OS means that the customer
can hop platforms easily.  That's bad for them in the long run.

  DEC learned this as "workstations" came along to compete with their
minis and they eventually stopped giving (schools mostly) so much
hassle if they were running BSD on their VAXen.  A Sun 2 or 3
appearing might mean that if the VAX was sick, you didn't have to
try to get VMS back onto it.

Sun *is* a hardware company and whatever sells their hardware helps
them. I'm impressed with whoever got this issue into CNet.

<suit on>
Now, about SMP...