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Re: offtopic?: Discover witch ip address to use.

On Wed, Dec 04, 2002 at 12:23:03PM +0100, David Rio wrote:

> Imagine this situation:
> You arrive  with your openbsd  laptop to an  unknown network. In
> this network there is not dhcp server so you have to know the ip
> parameters to configure you  ethernet interface. What can you do
> to discover which IP parameters to use? Let's suppose that there
> is no one there to ask but there is network traffic.

What you  do, simply,  is contact the  person responsible  for the
network, get permission to connect, and, at the same time, get the
proper configuration information.

Anything  else is  likely to  get you  in heaploads  of trouble. A
visit from  armed federal agents  who confiscate your  laptop, and
maybe your person, is not unprecedented.

If it  were my network  and somebody attached  without permission,
I'd at least have thoughts  of getting charges of trespass against
the person  responsible. I would be  *much* more upset  about such
action than a remote attack over the Internet.

Or do you wander into people's  houses and maybe raid their fridge
and use  their kitchen  without getting permission? Pick  the safe
and  help yourself  to  its contents? Make  overseas phone  calls?
Chuckle  over what  they  have in  their medicine  cabinets? Rifle
through their filing cabinets? Try on their clothes?



Ben Goren

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