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CRC errors only on data coming from the server

Yet another exciting episode in my struggle for decent network
performance*. Although it's not really an episode, nor is it anywhere
near exciting. It's becoming as annoying as As The World Turns.

My slow network days are over, yes indeed. Swapping out the NIC
helped, or so it seemed. Performance was much better, however a new
error popped it's ugly head, one I don't have a clue as to what is
causing it. Any data transfer from my server to my computer is now
corrupt. FTP/SSH, it doesn't matter. PuTTY gives MAC/CRC errors all
the time, downloading files from my server goes at blazing speed but
after download the file does not have the same md5 value.

Oh and yes I checked whether data wasn't already corrupt. I download
something from the internet, which works fine, upload it to my server,
download it and yesh, it broke!

The strange thing is, that downloading stuff from the internet (which
goes through the server) works perfectly! That's just not possible!!!
I tried changing memory, the NIC as you could read above (I now have a
beautiful XL0), I even tried changing the switch. No effect.

As a friend of mine said, it's very strange. You'd almost think that
the server sends data corruptly. Ethernet frames have CRC, TCP has
CRC. I just don't get it.

I did a complete reinstall a couple of days ago, once again no effect.
I am becoming desperate. Anyone who has ideas?

*: Old thread named 'Poor internal network performance'

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