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Re: Reforwarding ports in ssh

On Wednesday, Nov 27, 2002, at 11:27 US/Pacific, Chris Eidem wrote:

Is it possible to reforward an already forwarded port in ssh?  No hints
in Google or the mailing lists as far as I could tell.

Basically, I'm attempting to rdesktop from home over a ssh session.  If
I start it up as such:

ssh -g -L 3389:server1:3389 localbox

I get to server server1 through the command

desktop$ rdesktop localbox

That works fine, but since MS RDP protocol is braindead and will listen
on 3389/tcp only, I can't figure out how to connect to server2 on port
3389 without tearing down the session and starting it all over again.
I've tried doing the ~C during the session and adding -L
3389:server2:3389, but ssh complains that ain't happening.  I've
attempted to de-allocate forwarding with -L 3389:, but, again, no joy.

You didn't say whether rdesktop is braindead, too? If it's not braindead you could do ssh -g -L 3390:server2:3389 localbox and do rdesktop localbox 3390 for the second server.

I did a Google and it seems there are patches out there to allow rdesktop to use different ports, probably for situations just such as these.


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