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Re: Ultrasparc 3

On Wednesday 27 November 2002 09:53, rossd_(_at_)_me_(_dot_)_berkeley_(_dot_)_edu wrote:
> asking a company in rough economic times to just give everyone
> their 'secret sauce' is unrealistic.
> The USIII is their flagship, top of the line processor.
> That this one item keeps them from being 'open' by a zealot's
> definition is unrealistic.

I've heard this kind of scared-bizz-talk on a few places now and I still don't 
believe someone's going to read specs or drivers of someone else's drivers 
because he doesn't have the fantasy to come up with a design himself.

What about intel or amd? How many osses are there for x86? Has the openbsd 
team had any documentation problem for x86? Could amd make their cpu's better 
because they partly knew how the stuff from intel worked or vice versa? Every 
time a new x86 cpu comes out, the magazines are full of background info about 
what the cpu looks like on the inside. Where did they get their information? 

Btw, there is a word for printing out specs of a concurrent and making clones 
of it yourself. It's called industrial spying. And it's illegal. 


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