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Re: First step in building ports tree...

On Mon, Nov 11, 2002 at 11:44:33PM -0800, John D. wrote:
>Excuse me for appearing to be a lamer,  but I *DO* tend to read the dox
first,  but in this case,  I just HAVE to ask it.

It's true, you do read the docs first.  You are good that way.  But you
get stuck on such trivial things, so frequently, that it's hard for
someone who hasn't met you to believe it. You seem to be missing a
fundamental debugging tool: the experiment.  Often, when you don't know
the answer to a question, it can be answered easiest by devising an
experiment that will reveal the answer.

I highly recommend "The Practice of Programming" by Kernighan and Pike.
Make it your bible.  It won't answer all your questions, but you will
suddenly find yourself answering a LOT of your questions by your own



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