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[OT drift] Re: Ultrasparc 3

I'm saving bandwidth by not posting a FreeBSD dmesg on an E250
that a friend sent me.  SMP works just fine.  But it has no purpose
over Solaris...  

Quoting Victor (victord_(_at_)_paid_(_dot_)_com):
> Chuck Yerkes wrote:
> > >Sun apparently lives, eats, and breathes NDAs.  That's how they do
> > >business, and I think they fail to see at a corporate level how that's
> > >just so fundementally incompatible with opensource.
> >
> > Sun has always been a hardware company that has strong ties
> > to their software side.  They often hold their information
> > close to the chest.  It's how they run.
> They don't seem to do so with linux, do they?
> What I don't get is why not just ask Linux guys for a copy? Would that 
> be possible?

Hmmm, Sun took away an E4000 from Princeton when they learned
that David Miller was using it to do the first port of Linux to
another platform.  There's behavior I expect.  Reminds me of
getting VMS onto a sickly BSD Vax before the tech sup guy arrived.

That said, Sun appears to be willing to jump on the Open Source
bandwagon (read Linux) when it suits their needs.  They were
non competitive on the desktop.  Linux is.  Hmmm.  It seems
> > Sun gains pretty much nothing by helping OpenBSD out.
> They also have nothing to lose. And compaq's and ibm's have those bios's 
> you want.

They have manpower to use.  And less and less of it.  What do they
stop doing to deal with a project, follow up with developers and
chase down answers.  Does it increase shareholder value?

> Also, there are cards you can put into a box to give you such control, 
> they run about $250 each though.

And the DL 380 G2 has that card built in.  That's the only way
I've really seen it work.

> I don't know if it's 
> possible, has sun Discovered nVidia gfx for lower end machines or DDR 
> Ram? Their Blade 100 servers run a IIe and ALi chipset, hardly speed 
> daemons...

Last I looked, Solaris didn't support PCI SCSI from Adaptec, QLogic
or Mylex, but I could buy a dual 40MB/s for "only" $700 or so.

When they followed up with a call, I mentioned could go spend 30
minutes to assemble an almost top end box with SCSI/160 for that.
They've driven themselves out of the low end.  The Sparc 20 at 70MHz
for $8000k when the Alpha (166MHz) was the same and a Pentium 90
was $2500.

I forwarded the cvs notes about Ultra's running Western Digital
cards and other *commodity* PCI cards to a friend at Sun - "see,
it's not impossible!"

> > Would you go BUY a $7000 single CPU Sun because it ran OpenBSD?
> If it outperformed all other $7000 machines, why not?

And if it performed worse than a $1500 machine at 2.5GHz with DDR
and truly high end video?

Maybe I'm just bitter that they blew their lead and switched to Solaris
rather than make SunOS 4 (BSD) into a highly scalable multi-processor OS.
Solaris 2.0->2.4 pointless.  And they removed the compiler.  Great, more
work for me on a basic machine.

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