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Re: Ultrasparc 3

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On Tuesday, November 26, 2002, at 02:08 AM, Zoltan HERPAI wrote:

I think Chuck got to the point. AFAIK, OpenBSD is developed mainly for
acting as firewalls, routers, or short-range secure servers, which do not
make a large CPU load.

Hmmm my desktop machine is an Athlon running OpenBSD. I suspect many people here would say the same thing (that OpenBSD is their desktop). It's more painful to set up as a desktop than some of the popular flavors of Linux, but once it is working it works fine.

It is good to supports more architectures and more processors, but even
the need of the sparc64 arch could be questionable.

I strongly disagree here. Ultra 5 and Ultra 10 machines are cheap now. My primary file server at home is a sparc64 box running OpenBSD 3.1 and it's been delightfully boring to have (boring in that it never does anything exciting or unexpected to distract me from more important things).

Don't get me wrong, I
run OpenBSD as a gateway on my SS10, but didn't even thought about running it
on my U10 or E250, Solaris seemed to be a better solution ;)

Try it on the U10. I think you'll like it. It rips.

For the E250, try out Aurora Linux. It's kind of the anti-BSD (based off of Red Hat 7.3) but it works well on the Enterprise servers that have been tested so far, and obviously will make use of multiple processors.

I am not a fan of making holy wars about OSes, rather selecting the best
OS for box's purpose.

Almost. Pick the OS to fit the task at hand. Then acquire the box to suit the OS you have selected, and other working parameters of the intended application. Few successful IT engineers would buy a machine and then sit around waiting for an application to throw at it. That said, it makes sense that anyone who is running an application spec'd to run on OpenBSD might avoid some of the newer Sun boxen in part because of the company's reluctance to share docs, and more importantly because the lack of docs jeopardizes the long term viability of the system at hand.

Chris Hedemark
Hillsborough, NC

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