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Re: Ultrasparc 3

On Mon, 25 Nov 2002, Chuck Yerkes wrote:

> Sun gains pretty much nothing by helping OpenBSD out.  OpenBSD
> doesn't have SMP; Sun hardware is high priced and pretty useless
> for single CPU machines.  The best use is to have something
> to build software on for your big machines.  The Netra's are
> about the only compelling box out there, and that's pretty
> much just due to having a nice and smart serial console.
> (oh, for a real PC BIOS that spoke serial if no keyboard)
> Would you go BUY a $7000 single CPU Sun because it ran OpenBSD?
I think Chuck got to the point. AFAIK, OpenBSD is developed mainly for
acting as firewalls, routers, or short-range secure servers, which do not
make a large CPU load.
According to this, I have not seen good advancements in the SMP code (sorry
if I am wrong, I do not read the SMP list, but I haven't seen SMP code in
3.1), I admit it is unnecessary for the OS' purposes.

It is good to supports more architectures and more processors, but even
the need of the sparc64 arch could be questionable. Don't get me wrong, I
run OpenBSD as a gateway on my SS10, but didn't even thought about running it
on my U10 or E250, Solaris seemed to be a better solution ;)
Think over the same about in the case of a V880 or just an Ex000, forget
that you are a fan or developer or a 'power-user' of an OpenBSD system. Which
OS would you run on it? Solaris or OpenBSD?

I am not a fan of making holy wars about OSes, rather selecting the best
OS for box's purpose.


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