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Re: Ultrasparc 3

Francis Cianfrocca <francis_(_at_)_tempest_(_dot_)_com> writes:
> Sun gets acquired for $10B by IBM or Hitachi within 12 months- bet on it.
> -f

Well, it's a possibility, though I think predicting the market amount
is premature.  Certainly the merge thing happened with HP and Digital
already.  I think there likely *will* be a lot of mergers, not to
mention a certain amount of just plain going out of business, in the
next decade.  If that happens, 'twil be interesting to see what
survives.  A lot will depend on if they have a recognizable market
niche and customer base.  I don't see IBM buying sun - IBM generally
buys companies that have expertise that IBM doesn't, and they've
already got powerpc (and aix, tons of smart compiler and os folk, etc.)

But this is all shear speculation - not much we can do about this, and
it's probably going to happen to a lot of other players as well, maybe
even intel a/o microsoft (and the two of them merging with each
other is a scary thought indeed.)


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