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Re: Collective OT BIOS help AND an aside smtp question

Why? Because the box was sitting in the closet not doing anything
(smile). It wasn't a case of whether the box was strong enough but why
strip it down just because your only going to use it for mail? So we
said hey it is a feebie.

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Subject: Re: Collective OT BIOS help AND an aside smtp question

Quoting Jon Quiros (jquiros_(_at_)_teahead_(_dot_)_net):
> Elijah Savage III wrote:
> > I have been terribly pleased with openbsd 3.2 I was using it as a 
> > mail gateway with postifx on a pentium pro 200 with 1 gig of memory 
> > serving about 3800 users on the network. Well I wanted to add a 
> > larger harddrive than what I have in it now only 6.4 gig. Well the 
> > machine would not see it and for some reason after hours and hours 
> > of trying I can't get a

I used to use a (30MHz) DecStation to "gateway" mail for 20k people. It
had 64MB of RAM and 2 2GB disks (one boot, the other /var/spool/, swap
on both).

The PentiumPro/200 seems about right (cept for TLS support).

I'm trying to figure out why, for mail in transit, you'd WANT more than
6 GB.  Why you'd need 1GB of RAM.

I'm coming up short.

I usually have to fight clients who want a 2 or 4 way machine and
inevitably go with cheap disks.  I've found that a 2 Way E250 with good
good hardware RAID doesn't blink at relaying 40k messages per hour
to/from the Internet (many outgoing messages will sit in queue and many
may never get delivered). The iostats and vmstats on the machine show
capacity to spare.

Me?  I might get another machine, with decent disks, swipe 512MB from
the first and have redundancy.

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